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Episode 31: Jason and Mo trade originals.

Episode 30: Jason and Mo play scary songs!

Episode 29: Chris Pomeroy

Episode 28: Jason and Mo Trade Songs

Episode 27: Mike Meiners

Episode 26: Jason and Mo Trade Songs

Episode 25: Mickey Zetts

Episode 24: Jim Colbert

Episode 23: Rob Higginbotham

Episode 22: Best Of WTP

Episode 21: Talkin' Red Dirt Poets

Episode 20: Rounds with Rose!

Episode 19: David Young & Susan Lang

Episode 18: Caryn Dixon

Episode 17: Jon Rounds

Episode 16: Jason and Mo Trade Covers

Episode 15: Guitar Pull with Michael Saleta

Episode 14: Julie Delgado

Episode 13: Jason Adams

Episode 12: Craig Marshall

Episode 11: D'Arcy

Episode 10: Rosemarie Ratvasky

Special Edition: Charles Dumas

Episode 8: William Ryan

Episode 7: Steve Treado

Episode 6: Michael Saleta

Episode 5: Pauly Young

Episode 4: Doug Irwin

Episode 3: Patrick O'Connor & Tosh Newman

(Weather affected satellite uplink from Tosh's farm!)

Episode 2: Mo & Jason play some of theirs songs!

Episode 1: Rosemarie Ratvasky

Test Epsiode: Mo & Jason play some songs and test out the software.